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ASQ Protocol Airdrop Is Over with a Lucky Winner Successful in His Treasure Hunt


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ASQ Protocol is proud to announce that the airdrop campaign ended on October 5, 2018, with a lucky winner finding the precious wallet with ASQ tokens worth of $100,000. The amount will be credited to the winner’s account after the ICO is finished, provided that he fulfills certain previously announced conditions. The lucky guy’s name is Ashley, he is a crypto enthusiast from the United Kingdom.

The airdrop started on September 14 with a spectacular launch of a rocket with a ledger wallet in it, giving an opportunity for the finder to get ASQ tokens once they are released to the public. The rocket was operated by an Edinburgh-based space technology firm Skyrora. After its landing in the countryside, the wallet’s geolocation was announced on ASQ Protocol’s website and social media channels.

Real Adventure with Digital Treasure

The main distinctiveness of the airdrop was the fact that it was offline. Participants had to search for a physical object in the real world. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Instead of playing a game on the Internet, people had to take their vehicles and drive to the coordinates announced on the website.

Imagine a real launch of a real rocket with all that smoke and noise and final countdown like in sci-fi movies. Imagine it flying up to the troposphere and then going down while carrying the precious wallet that anyone — literally anyone — can find. Isn’t it a great adventure worth experiencing?

Positive Feedback

The airdrop was initially aimed at expanding the ASQ crypto community, attracting more users, and taking the company and the token to new heights. Well, it seems the goal has been achieved for good.

It aroused great interest within the crypto community and got lots of positive feedback. Many people were eager to try their luck and search for the treasure, a lot more regretted the rocket had landed too far from their reach. All of us have that inner child inside — and this airdrop was a good chance to let it out.

Who wouldn’t like to feel like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones searching for ancient artifacts while overcoming various obstacles and dangers? Well, probably it’s a bit exaggerated, but still, it is a good chance for having an adventure and valuable prize. It is much more than a traditional airdrop or a lottery — it is a chance to have a new and positive experience.

The Lucky Treasure Hunter

That was probably what the winner of the campaign, a crypto enthusiast named Ashley, felt while setting for this treasure hunt. After having found the wallet, he wrote a story about his adventure, describing all his feelings and doubts about this journey.

ASQ Protocol attracted his attention in the first place because it had “215 million registered users spanning 150+ countries, the main audience being millennials and teenagers — people who will be utilizing blockchain technology and tokenization most actively in the coming years. They have taken a well-established ‘centralized’ company that already exists in the ‘traditional world’, and utilize blockchain to decentralize their platform, give power back to people, and create a fairer and more sustainable economy within their business model.”

That’s what he wrote:

“I thought this was pretty cool and unusual, especially as they had launched it with a really cool new innovative rocket company based in the UK called Skyrora. Everyone likes rockets, and to be fair, $100,000 worth of tokens launched 6km up into the troposphere is enough to grab anyone’s attention and wonder even for a second.”

However, Ashley had his own doubts before taking his car and driving 11 hours to another country. He shared his thoughts in the story:

“As a general rule, I don’t win random competitions, I don’t have that kind of luck. Never won the lotteries, raffles, prizes or giveaways, so usually, I don’t bother. But I remember sitting there and mentally visualizing the ‘what if’ scenario for a few minutes. I reflected on the ‘well I never win anything so what’s the point’ scenario, too. Most of the time, for most of us, that scenario will win out. But I’ve always been a bit of an adventurer and gone on my own path, against the grain, not knowing exactly where it will take me, but knowing that I’ll always end up wherever I’m meant to be.”

While driving, Ashley imagined himself being John Snow going North of the Wall on a great quest and played the Game of Thrones theme music at full volume as he crossed the border into Scotland.

This adventure was definitely great food for our imagination. Ashley was probably not the only one imagining himself having a great quest. But among thousands of others, it was him who succeeded in fulfilling this quest.

Well, John Snow, now you know everything! We can only wish you good luck in your future crypto quests!

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