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Axeso5 and DeStream Enter into a Partnership Which Should Change the Streaming Industry Forever

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See how the revolutionary financial platform DeStream and largest Latin American game publisher Axeso5 bring together a new cost-effective and decentralized financial ecosystem for streamers into the gaming industry using Blockchain technology.

31 October 2018, 1300 PST

DeStream and Axeso5 are excited to announce that they have successfully entered into an agreement, which should help to implement a new decentralized financial ecosystem for the streaming industry, dramatically reducing streaming fees. The solution will be marketed to over 14 million active gamers on Axeso5 publishing platform and used in more than 7,000 cybercaf├ęs across Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia.

Axeso5 is the most significant game publisher in Latin America with over 14 million active gamers across the entire publishing platform. Axeso5 has developed their in-game currency called Axesocash and corresponding payment system which will be integrated into the DeStream decentralized financial ecosystem as well. It’s important to note that Axesocash is very popular across the whole country and can be sold for cash in local currency. Combining both payment ecosystems will bring a skyrocketing growth of DeStream and Axeso5 platforms.

Moreover, the Latin American gaming market shows a huge potential from the financial perspective, it accounts for 4.1% of the global gaming industry revenues, valuing at $4.4 billion in 2017. Capitalization grows at the breakneck pace as well, reaching 13.9% increase from 2016 to 2017. It indicates a tremendous and positive potential for both DeStream and Axeso5 to bring their products on this market.

DeStream is planning to bring a revolutionary decentralized financial ecosystem into the streaming industry with an intention to lower all streaming fees to 0.77%, eliminating high fees reaching up to 20% per transaction which were imposed by different payment systems. The platform will integrate such popular streaming services like Youtube, Twitch, and other, creating an effective environment for streaming activities. The ecosystem is creating very effective advertising tools based on big data which should improve targeting and overall marketing campaign effectiveness.

Tachat Igityan, Founder & CFO of DeStream remarked that: ” I’m more than convinced, that our partnership will be mutually beneficial and in the following years we’ll be able to integrate many technological solutions, unlocking the industry potential and improving the gaming sector in this region together.”

Axeso5 will support DeStream establishing the new partnerships in Latin America with different gaming companies. It should help to market the decentralized financial ecosystem and the DeStream platform itself on Esports events. It’s important to note that Axeso5 currently works with 30+ top game streamers in the South American region, thereby it opens a great opportunity to expand the product influence, bringing it to higher number of streamers. It can be said, that effective cooperation between Axeso5 and DeStream will lay a strong foundation for brand awareness of both companies in this sector, bringing next-gen technological solutions on the gaming market.

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