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CryptoZink to Present at Malta Blockchain Summit

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Malta — November 1, 2018: Digital exchange platform CryptoZink has been invited to the industry-defining Malta Blockchain Summit, which will take place November 1-2, 2018. The Summit is being hosted in Malta, which is now known as Blockchain Island for the way it embraces attitudes towards the new technology and forward-looking regulatory framework. The Summit provides a breeding ground of innovation, bringing together global influencers to meet, collaborate and inspire one another to continue to evolve the space. CryptoZink’s project was selected as one of 40 promising startups to pitch their ICO at the conference and compete for a $100,000 award. CryptoZink will be sharing the details of its innovative proposal with over 5,000 delegates and hundreds of investors.

As a hybrid exchange, CryptoZink combines the necessary features of the tried and true exchanges that are already familiar to users, with the most valuable attributes of the new decentralized exchange models. Users will be able to securely buy, sell, and manage their holdings using the best technologies in both.

The platform will also offer other important improvements to existing exchanges. CryptoZink will launch its own stable coin, avoiding the controversies that have surrounded competitors who have relied on third-party fiat pegs. In addition, CryptoZink aims to foster mass adoption in the crypto space by investing in innovative educational programs for its users. CryptoZink is concerned with the identification of digital assets that provide measurable and constructive contributions to the budding blockchain industry, instead of relying on pure speculative activity. CryptoZink is motivated by social responsibility and financial inclusion.

“We are excited to share our project at the Malta Blockchain Summit, an event that brings together some of the industry’s sharpest minds and innovators. We believe cryptocurrency exchanges are essential to the mass adoption of blockchain technology, but we first need to solve the type of problems CryptoZink is focused on better security, strict curation, customer service, and financial literacy of users,” said CryptoZink’s CEO Noel Borges.

CryptoZink’s mission is to identify cryptocurrencies that introduce measurable and constructive change to the planet and then foster the adoption of each of these cryptocurrencies in a safe and efficient manner, ensuring that purchasers are making well-informed and responsible decisions.

About CryptoZink

CryptoZink is a global hybrid exchange that combines the best features of a centralized exchange with the most valuable components of a DEX (decentralized exchange); a highly-secure platform to buy, sell and manage cryptocurrency. The company is dedicated to transforming the way the world does crypto by making real-time and predictive cryptocurrency data easily accessible to everyone, everywhere to overcome the challenges of trust, security, and lack of credible educational material in the space.

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