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Digitex Preparing for First Live Demo at Malta Blockchain Moot


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Cryptocurrency futures trading is becoming a big deal in investment circles. After the launch of the first Bitcoin futures program, exchange projects are now looking to attract new customers in the space with fresh innovative platforms with lower fees.

Digitex Futures Ltd

Digitex Futures Ltd is one of these platforms looking to capture the coin futures market. The exchange is looking to give a live demo at the Malta Blockchain Conference from November 1st – 2nd 2018 for the very first time. The event is set to be a valuable venue for getting the necessary traction for the project.

The exchange has also announced a new partnership with Ethereum’s core Plasma development team, Matter Inc. The exchange aims to become a zero-fee futures exchange with non-custodial account balances. According to Adam Todd, the Founder and CEO of Digitex Futures Exchange:

“Malta is, without doubt, the Blockchain Island and we feel at home among so many brilliant and receptive minds. We can’t wait to make history not only by knocking the futures industry on its head but by adding the most secure and technologically flawless Plasma solution to our platform.”

Free Token Bounties

Users can test drive the Digitex platform by signing up for the early access waitlist that has over 447,000 signups as of today. The first 5,000 will be eligible to receive 1,000 DGTX tokens and will be able to try out different features on the platform themselves. In order to get the rewards, users can refer their friends and promote the project.

Plasma Partnership

The Plasma partnership holds special importance for the Digitex platform as it will be one of the first companies to incorporate the tech into their system for their new exchange. According to Alex X, the Head of Research at Matter Inc:

“It’s also a large shift for user experience, where users become the true owners of their data and it will require much more responsibility from them. I think that the implementation of a non-custodial futures exchange is a great first step on this long road–it does not require an enormous R&D to achieve great user experience as in the case of decentralized spot markets (also known as decentralized exchanges – DEXes), but allows to start building an ecosystem and shift users habits from centralized to decentralized solutions.”

DGTX Token

The new Digitex platform will allow users to buy and sell Bitcoin futures contracts entirely commission free. The native DGTX token has also penetrated the top 100 crypto coins list after a stellar performance in recent months. The token has also recently been added to the HitBTC exchange.

It is hoped that Digitex will be among the select few companies that will help get more users and bring traction to the overall cryptocurrency genre. The beta launch will happen in December 2018 and users can apply for their waiting list here.

For further information visit the website: https://digitexfutures.com/

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