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Dividend-Yielding Cryptocurrency to Strengthen the ICO Ecosystem

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While investor base in the cryptosphere is growing steadily, investments in ICO’s are rife with fallacies. The most critical one is selecting a quality project and solving the inefficiencies in obtaining discounts and bonuses. Investor pools are not well equipped to resolve these problems and fail to provide high level of security and transparency. Moreover, a lack of demand for pre-existing cryptocurrencies is another major deterrent for investors.

An average investor will spend a substantial amount of time to scrutinize a project. If in case the investors fail to carefully analyze the project, there is a steep possibility of losing funds. A research by Satis Group mentioned that over 80% of the ICO’s with a market cap of more than $50M was a ponzi scheme. Amongst other projects only 8% have their tokens being actively traded on exchanges.

One Solution is a project which seeks to resolve the persisting problems in the ICO space. The ecosystem includes a decentralised fund, One Solution Fund which will be managed entirely by project participants. The fund will not only facilitate secure investing in quality projects but also support in building a community of investors.

The investor pool will reap huge benefits owing to the collective acumen of the pool. Moreover, One Solution’s cryptocurrency, Solvo will allow holders to obtain dividends in profit shares from funds. Solvo is the world’s first dividend yielding cryptocurrency. Additionally, they can manage the funds by means of voting.

The fund will continue to proliferate owing to the fund expansion algorithm. Reinvestments and deductions from the mining of the funds currency will help ensure that contributions of early investors do not diminish and volume increases with the growth of the fund. A newly mined Solvo coin will be sent to the funds investment wallet. Thus, when is the coin being miner, the portfolio is refueled. This, in turn, broadens the investment scope of the One Solution Fund.

The demand for Solvo coins will increase due to a short reporting period which is three months. This in line with an external and internal blockchain will help in spreading reports of funds increased activities and sum of dividend payments.

Seventy percent of the profits from the fund will be distributed among Solvo coin holders. The results of each voting process and operations will be saved on an internal blockchain. This will ensure full transparency in all activities.

One Solution also seeks to build the One Solution Academy which will facilitate the addition of new talent in the ecosystem. The Academy’s work will realise its true mettle with close cooperation from the world’s leading education facilities.

The members of the Academy will carry out a careful analysis, following which a candidate will be offered a proposal. The enterprise is also expected to hold hackathons and other such events. This will help the young talent actively demonstrate their skills and their levels of expertise.

With such a dynamic platform and diverse vision One Solution is sure to radically transform the ICO space for the new and old investors alike.

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