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WHISKY TOKEN Starts an Asset-Backed Crypto Revolution- ICO Launches December 1st

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Unique combination of crypto technology and Whisky tradition

Since the inception of Bitcoin a decade ago, we have seen the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry evolve beyond anything anyone could have imagined. From healthcare to education, voting to finance, it seems that there is no stone left unturned when it comes to sectors that this technology has infiltrated. But the march of blockchain and crypto is not just limited to industry and business, it has also found its way into leisure and retail investment sectors as well.

When it comes to Whisky, anyone with any interest in the industry will tell you that prices are rising. Scotch, Irish, Bourbon, or Japanese, bottles are purchased and stored as units of value until a good profit can be made by reselling them. With prices of high-end and highly sought after bottles rising by more than 25% over the last 18 months, investors are keen to partake in an alternative investment opportunity involving this premium spirit.

Whilst many do like to purchase to devour, there is an increase in those that are investing in the drink in the same way that they would invest in gold, currency, or other assets. As the market continues to grow, so are other methods for investment, and it is this that has led to the inception of the world’s first Whisky-covered crypto token, based on Ethereum: WHISKY TOKEN (WHY).

World’s first Crypto Token backed by a Whisky portfolio

In 2018, the WHYTOKEN Gmbh was founded with the goal of making this new form of investment available for everyone in the market. The WHISKY TOKEN combines high-end Whisky with blockchain technology and provides investors with the opportunity to take part in the crypto market with minimal risk, as their tokens are backed by a Whisky portfolio as security and a minimum investment of 30 Euro. With some of the best performing Whisky brands putting their name to the project, the portfolio that is up for investment is one that is stable and unlikely to decrease in value, leading to greater security for investors.

Entrance into the world of premium aged single malt Whisky

WHISKY TOKEN will focus on a portfolio that encompasses aged single malt Whisky from a variety of locations that are deemed valuable as per ongoing monitoring by the WHY TOKEN team. Particular preference will be given to high-performing single malts from Scotland, Ireland, and Japan and these will constitute an essential part of the high-end Whisky portfolio. Brands that have been identified for the WHISKY TOKEN project include Macallen, Ardbeg, Bowmore, Port Ellen, Brora, and Karuizawa, some of which no longer produce Whisky, therefore have significant investment value for investors.

Retail investors often find it difficult to benefit from the opportunities of high-end Whisky as the minimum investment in such products is usually tens of thousands of euros. By tokenising a diverse portfolio, investments of this type become more accessible to retail, or non-professional investors, providing them with a way to invest without having to meet minimum investment amounts, or pay extortionate management fees.

Combination of advantages results in low-risk investment

By backing a cryptocurrency and token with real-world assets, the WHISKY TOKEN project negates an issue that many other ICO projects have fallen foul to – the loss of value. As each token directly corresponds to a fraction of an actual reserve of Whisky, the value is pegged to its value- one that is increasing at an exponential rate. Take for example BTC, as it is not backed by an asset, it’s value wildly fluctuates between $6000 and $20,000 meaning that many investors have lost thousands and even millions due to its instability.

Based on Ethereum and using the ERC20 token as a standard, this asset-backed mechanism has its market cap determined and correlated directly with the Whisky that sits in the diverse portfolio. With a soft cap of EUR 2,000,000 and a hard cap of EUR 25,000,000 the project will be rolled out over three stages with the value of each token increasing from WHY/EUR 0.80 to WHY/EUR 1.20 as each stage is completed.

How to get involved?

For investors looking for a way to access alternative investments without having to put up tens of thousands of Euros, WHISKY TOKEN should be considered as a safe bet. Backed by real-world assets that are increasing in value year-on-year, the asset-backed mechanism minimizes the chance of loss for WHY by covering the stock market price, based on the current value of the high-end Whisky portfolio. It is then ensured that the WHY market capitalization does not fall below 90% meaning that investors are not going to find themselves out of pocket.

The WHISKY TOKEN Pre-Sale with a 50% discount is already sold out, the last available slots are limited to institutional investors. ICO Phase 1 is scheduled to start on 1st December 2018 with a 30% discount, registrations are now being rewarded with five bonus tokens. Upon completion of the successful ICO, WHY is expected to be launched on exchanges during Q2 of 2019.

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