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TokenPlus Launches Leading Arbitrage Trading Platform

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Shanghai, China – November 29, 2018 – BitPhare, a fintech company specializing in blockchain technology and digital asset management, has launched TokenPlus, a leading cross-exchange automated arbitrage mechanism designed for the cryptocurrency market.

TokenPlus features 24/7 automated hedging functionality to help investors capitalize on getting the best rate for their tokens.

Other features include:

Superior Execution and Ease of Use:

  • Provides over 60% annualized rate of return, surpassing industry average
  • Any level investor can easily utilize the platform without any prior arbitrage experience, and quickly benefit from an online set-up and subsequent login process
  • Upon registration, a free server is allocated to each user

Comprehensive Full-service Offering:

  • With support from nearly 20 top global exchanges and 500+ cryptocurrencies, users can choose from either bilateral and triangular strategies providing the most optimal level for success
  • Available in Chinese, English, and Korean

Market Monitoring and Strategic Advisory:

  • Monitors the markets and execute transactions, automatically
  • Provides multiple charts showing statistical analysis of market monitoring and profitability
  • Offers strategy recommendations and analysis of its progress to help users find opportunities and make appropriate decisions

Risk Control and Security:

  • Integrates a set of risk-control strategies within the system to mitigate potential transactional issues in the event of any errors on the exchange side
  • Partners with Jon Wick Security Lab to ensure a reliable user experience

Cipher Tang, CEO of BitPhare, said, “After seeing unprecedented growth and success of our TokenPlus platform on a local scale, we are excited to expand our product offering on a broader level and allow users to benefit from our arbitrage service to grow their digital assets with ease.”

About Bitphare

BitPhare is a Shanghai-based fintech company specializing in blockchain technology and digital asset management. It provides solutions for digital wallets, payment, credit data management, loan services, asset issuance and management systems.

About TokenPlus

Tokenplus is a highly efficient, convenient and user-friendly platform for cross-exchange, automatic arbitrage in the cryptocurrency market. It’s available 24/7, providing automatic hedging, strategy analysis, market monitoring, strategy recommendation, and optimization. To learn more visit:

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