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Agouti – First Decentralized Blockchain Charity

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2017 was a crypto year of high hopes and big promises.

2018 – of big disappointments and promises never kept. Year of hacks, splashing easy ICO-money and showing that respect to crypto-investors doesn’t exist. Scam exit followed by another scam exit followed by “We run out of funds!”- this is crypto-calendar of year 2018. But it was a year of many new ideas, new use cases for blockchain.

One of them is – first decentralized charity, charity without an office, charity without running costs, charity without trustees or directors. Charity where anyone can be a member and have his voice counted, where
everyone in need can be heard.

Agouti charity is built on top of PoS (Proof of Stake) blockchain. With 3 000 000 AGU maximum supply and 3 000 AGU required to have one masternode – one voice in voting, is expected that 500-600 masternodes can be built and used for democratic voting on each use case. All pre-mined 1.8 million AGU are given away for free, 750 000 as a community takeover of one of scam coins, remaining 1 million to anyone willing to vote on Agouti charitable projects.

After 4 rounds of the giveaway over 700 000 AGU is still waiting for new owners. Fifth and last round is coming this month.

Join us, be a member of the first decentralized charity, be part of history.


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